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Chairman's Message

Are you taking advantage of the catalysts in your life? Those moments that change the trajectory of your career? A friend and I were once talking about catalytic projects that marked milestones in the development of his business. I came to the conclusion that catalytic projects can’t happen without the effort of catalytic people.

You will hear me use the term catalytic people a lot when I’m talking about EPIC Toledo because this is who makes up our membership… bright, ambitious, hardworking young professionals that not only seek out positive change in their careers and communities, but are willing to take action.

I get my energy from these types of people and that is why I have remained engaged with EPIC Toledo over the years.

I would suggest that milestones in your life are the result of some catalytic person around you challenging you or providing you with some new perspective. We live in a great community full of great people, but unless someone like you cares enough to engage, those moments cannot happen. Maybe you are looking for that person or you want to be that person. Either way, this is what EPIC Toledo is all about.

If you want to be the leader someone else needs or you just want to develop yourself, come to an event, meet some new people and participate in the programs. EPIC Toledo’s mission for 10 years has been to engage people and inspire change.  We have done that well and because of it, we are still thriving. We will host more than 30 events in 2017 which serve over 1,700 members. 

Serving as EPIC Toledo’s 10th Chairman is very exciting for me. Ten years is a great milestone for the group, but it’s just the beginning.

I look forward to our paths crossing soon. Now, go make 2017 awesome.

John Pezzino








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