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To make the region a preferred place for diverse talent and innovation.


To foster economic growth and prosperity, the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce:

  • CONNECTS business with resources and opportunities
  • ADVOCATES for a thriving business environment
  • LEADS the charge to promote the assets of the region.

A look back at some of the Chamber's major accomplishments

2015 Annual Report


Since 1894, the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce has had a rich history of positively impacting business and our community. Some of our most notable of accomplishments have included: 

  • Raising the money to purchase the land for Toledo’s first airport
  • Influencing the creation of a Toledo Planning Commission in 1923
  • Lobbying for the establishment of the Port Authority
  • Lobbying for the building of the High-Level Bridge
  • Involvement in the nationally-acclaimed 1935 Toledo Plan for Peace regarding Labor-Management strife prevalent at that time
  • Leading the successful retention of the 180th Air National Guard base
  • Acting as a partner in the development of Redesigning Ohio, the report utilized by the Governor to regain Ohio’s fiscal stability

Our present day activities, from Business Development Services to advocacy at the local and state level, reflect our continued commitment to business and community building initiatives.

What is a Chamber?
Chambers of Commerce are membership organizations that represent both a business network and an advocacy group and are privately funded through membership investment, not tax dollars. A Chamber of Commerce's primary goal is to improve the business climate in a locality, typically through business networks and lobbying. A member-driven organization, the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce regularly assesses the needs of local business owners and executives. Programs, products and events are then developed to deliver strategic solutions to those needs. Of its almost 2,400 members, 85% are small businesses with 50 or fewer employees. The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce is also a 5-Star Accredited Chamber through the U. S. Chamber. The Accreditation Program defines standards of excellence in chamber planning and performance. Of the close to 7,000 chambers in the country, only 5% are accredited – and only 6% of those are 5-Star Accredited. The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce is one of the top chambers in the country.

How is it funded?
The Chamber is a private organization funded primarily by dues paid by member businesses. It is not a government agency and receives no tax dollars.

Who can be a Chamber Member?
Membership is open to all businesses that maintain a voluntary annual dues investment. Benefits of membership include networking opportunities, community involvement, image enhancement, political advocacy, information access, numerous discounts and benefits and heightened credibility.

Why Become a Chamber Member?
The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce provides members advocacy, business expertise, buying power and connections. Chamber membership shows a real return on investment – from representation, to networking, to seminars and discounts. Learn more about the many benefits of membership here.


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