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Keeping the Chamber current, timely, and responsive to the needs of its members is critical to future success. The Chamber Board of Trustees, Toledo Area Small Business Association (TASBA) Board, EPIC Advisory Committee and Chamber staff, with input from Chamber members, wrote a new strategic plan for 2011-2015. The following core strategies were identified to guide the direction of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce to the year 2015. Taken as a whole, they serve as the summary plan for the future. Each strategy is supported by a set of strategic objectives, performance indicators, and strategic action plans. Action plans are updated annually based upon their relevance.


Represent business in shaping public policy and initiatives.

Business Expertise
Provide expertise and resources for business success.

Buying Power
Leverage the buying power of the membership base to reduce the cost of doing business.

Link business people to each other, their communities, business opportunities, and the Chamber.

Investor Members