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The 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda serves as a guide to the Chamber’s legislative priorities.

The foundation of the Chamber’s policy process is the Government Affairs Committee, supported by a group of issue-oriented subcommittees, which are open to all Chamber members. Each subcommittee focuses on one of the following policy areas: education and workforce development, workplace regulations, levy review, taxes and water and sewer infrastructure. 

Each subcommittee reports to the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee, which in turn makes recommendations to the Chamber’s Board of Trustees and the Toledo Small Business Association (TASBA) Board of Directors. Through this process, every Chamber policy position is eventually reviewed by about 200 Chamber members. This ensures that the policies of the Chamber are representative of the membership at large.

Read the full 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda here.

For more information on the Legislative Agenda:
To learn more, please contact Brian Dicken, Vice President of Public Affairs at
brian.dicken@toledochamber.com or at 419-243-8191, ext. 244.

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